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VITAL INFORMATION cross-posted from my own journal. [20 Aug 2009|06:12pm]

Today the William and Mary administration reminded us that zombie attacks are a very serious possibility for which every student needs to be prepared. In their words:


As a part of its emergency preparedness planning, the College has determined that there certain emergencies for which the safest response will be to close the College. A prominent example of such a response would be a confirmed outbreak of pandemic flu, ideally before the illness strikes.

Beginning with the fall 2009 semester, all residential students at the College of William and Mary will be required to develop and document two Personal Evacuation Plans that will include:
1. Your full name and College ID number
2. Addresses of two locations, preferably in different cities and one location within a reasonable driving distance of Williamsburg
3. How you will get to each destination
4. Whether you would be able and willing to provide transportation to other students, and if so, how many
5. Whether you would be able and willing to provide temporary housing to other students, and if so, how many

Because of the need for a quick response to an outbreak, you are the only person who can effectively plan for yourself.
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Faans [05 Jun 2009|09:52pm]

Okay guys, now I'm curious: Who is who here? My understanding is that the Pearsons are there somewhere, as is Tom, but I can't figure out who they are. (Or do they not even make the Cast list?)

Out with it. :-D
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MarsCon [14 Jan 2009|02:12am]

[ mood | excited ]

MarsCon 2009 is this weekend!

Steampunk is the theme.  Got some Victorian-era or cowboy-styled clothes, a pair of goggles, some weird strappy full-body thing, and/or a tophat with pressure gauges?  JOIN US!

It's a cheap con, NEVER CLOSES (Seanie is running all-night movie marathons, which can even mean chairs to doze in, at the back of the room, if your dorm isn't conveniently open, yet.  In both years I attended MarsCon as a student, I was able to sneak into my dorm early), PROVIDES FOOD -- that's right, a Green Room open to the whole con! -- and is just overall a good time.

They're still (I believe) looking for volunteers to put in just a few hours of work for free admission!

Concerts, live acts, RPGs, tabletop gaming, movies, friends, acquaintances ... hell, enemies, even ... costuming, food, dealers, art, auctions, and maybe cap the weekend off with a Skiffy trip to Mongo?  =D

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Just... look around you. [13 Jan 2009|01:35pm]

Look Around You is going to be shown on Adult Swim, starting Sunday at 1 AM. Are you enthused? I'm enthused.
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Correction! [30 Oct 2008|05:51pm]

Due to an abundance of conflicting schedules, the Mongolian BBQ trip is postponed until Saturday lunch.  Since people will likely be sleeping in following a late night of Rocky and post-Rocky IHOP, how about 1:00?
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MONGO TRIP! [29 Oct 2008|05:19am]

Thursday, 5 PM!

Meet at the UC ATM (or "Sadler Center" ATM, if you must call it that) at 4:45 if you need a ride or can offer one!

Dinner is about $12, all you can eat Chinese, Japanese, some American, and the Mongolian BBQ itself -- fail the water test, and dishonor your ancestors ... succeed, and annihilate your enemies!!

Mongo is in the K-Mart shopping center, left off of Bypass Road, just past Dunkin Donuts on Richmond Road.

Come late if you cannot be there at 5 exactly, the more the merrier!

Zombie Walk meets at 7 PM in the Old Dominion lobby, so we will have plenty of time.

If this rare and awesome opportunity to die ... uh ... DINE with prestigious Skiffy alumni is not enough to draw your fancy, just remember Seanie's fortune cookie fortune:  "YOU LIKE CHINESE FOOD."
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So, uh... [06 Apr 2008|12:26am]

Are there any furries on this campus? Huh huh huh?
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Marscon Reminder [16 Jan 2008|03:39pm]

We're meeting at 6:30 pm in the UC on Friday to go to the con. However, because it's in Williamsburg, you can easily come and go as you please. (That is of course assuming you live in the 'Burg; others reading this may have a harder time. =P ) In fact, there's probably a bus that runs out there; it's just on Richmond Rd. If you need a ride at another time, you should call one of us at the con (either Seanie's cell phone or Chuckles's would probably be best) and let us know so that we can figure out a convenient time to come get you.
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SpiderMan was always single [10 Jan 2008|09:45pm]


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Marscon [02 Jan 2008|02:57pm]

Marscon, which is of course the sci-fi con in Williamsburg this month, has just posted their tentative programming schedule. Check it out at marscon.net!

Anyone who wants to come to the con and needs a place to stay, Seanie and I have plenty of floor space and are minutes from the con!
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Skiffy Announcements [21 Oct 2007|11:35am]

Chuckles probably already mentioned this, but Red Zone Games is hosting a gathering as part of WorldWide D&D Game day.  People can find information about the event on www.dndgameday.com.  It happens Saturday, November 3rd.  You can register at Red Zone.

Adam wants to host a viewing of the new Transformer's movie. He'd like to watch it on campus in one of the rooms with the projectors (Blair/Small). If people are interested, let us know dates/times. I'd be happy with early November, but sooner can work.

There is a small Indian run grocery store at 1313 North Mount Vernon Ave. (That's in the apartment complex behind Big Lots, next to the laundry mat.) They sell simple seasonings, sauces, and minor foreign food. They might sell more now, but I thought people would want to know about the first real Asian food market in Williamsburg.
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Enough is enough! [03 Oct 2007|05:43pm]

Coming later this year...

Flight of the Living Dead
Outbreak on a Plane

"...is a special effects packed Sci-Fi/Horror/Action thriller about a routine flight from LA to Paris on which a renegade scientist, on the run from the CIA, has smuggled a secret coffin containing the body of a scientist infected with a deadly engineered virus.

The 747 jumbo jet collides with two massive thunderstorms at once which drops it into the eye of an inescapable storm. The non-stop turbulence triggers the release of the infected 'flesh eating' scientist from the cargo hold.

A life and death battle ensues as the virus turns the unsuspecting passengers into 'the undead' and the terrified uninfected passengers try to survive the flight they wish they missed. Now, no government will allow the 'infected' 747 jumbo jet to land. Stranded in the air, the passengers have no place to hide from their ravenous tormentors... flying the deadly skies..."

Skiffy outing! Assuming it's ever released to theaters, that is. The only way this film could be any better would be if it was a legitimate sequel to SoaP, with Agent Neville Flynn getting caught on the flight.

(On a side note, my first comment after seeing Snakes on a Plane was that only Raptors on a Plane or Zombies on a Plane could possibly beat it. One down, one to go!)

EDIT: My brother just called me to say he saw this movie for sale on DVD in Target. I'm totally nominating it on Monday.
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Faans [29 Sep 2007|02:17pm]
Not sure if people know this but Fans has a Wikipedia article. Just thought I'd share.
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Convention [04 Sep 2007|10:36pm]

I just realized the thing is on Family Weekend. Pooh. My mom already has a plane ticket...

Yes, you all needed to hear me whine, because I just found this group and joined it and wanted to establish my presence. Hi.
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Convention, anyone? [19 Jul 2007|02:41pm]


So... who's with me?
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While we're on the subject... [27 Jun 2007|09:20am]

As long as we're talking about Renaissance-themed activities in Pennsylvania, if anyone has yet to hear this, Seanie and I are going to the Penn Ren Faire the weekend of August 11th. We would love any company who cares to join us! (I realize that Pennsic doesn't end until after that weekend, but if anyone is leaving Pennsic early or anything, they are welcome to come along as well.) Anyway, drop me a line if you want more information.
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Anyone going to Pennsic this year? [26 Jun 2007|09:44pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

My first year there and I thought it'd be neat if Skiffy could, in its own way, be representn'.

Also, I'll be post-bar and in a highly manic and somewhat delusional state, so it'll probably be good for laughs and black mail if nothing else.

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[10 May 2007|01:50am]

I'm not sure how many of you remember my brother, Sean. He plans to visit this weekend for the Jamestown festivities. He wanted to know if anyone wanted to do a gathering of some sort this weekend. I told him about Moviefest, but he would still like a group gathering for dinner Friday. Anyone interested?
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Spread the Geekiness! [11 Apr 2007|05:30pm]

Does anyone anywhere have a jpeg/gif copy of the old "Skiffy peanut butter" logo from the OLD Skiffy website? I can't find one on my machines, nor can I get any high-res Skippy PB images to doctor, myself.
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Housing for after May 2007? [02 Jan 2007|11:03pm]

I know that this seems real early until you (may) remember the complications I experience last year trying to find a room mate to replace Dave.

So, if you think you might want to live off campus for the 2007-2008 academic year, post a reply. I live in a two bedroom, one and a half bath apartment near within walking distance of campus. It's close to Big Lots, Food Lion, and restuarant row. Chris, the current Skiffy president, will leave sometime late May and early June. Let me know if you have any questions or would want to recommend someone.

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