ConflictedMind (conflictedmind) wrote in wm_skiffy,

Skiffy Announcements

Chuckles probably already mentioned this, but Red Zone Games is hosting a gathering as part of WorldWide D&D Game day.  People can find information about the event on  It happens Saturday, November 3rd.  You can register at Red Zone.

Adam wants to host a viewing of the new Transformer's movie. He'd like to watch it on campus in one of the rooms with the projectors (Blair/Small). If people are interested, let us know dates/times. I'd be happy with early November, but sooner can work.

There is a small Indian run grocery store at 1313 North Mount Vernon Ave. (That's in the apartment complex behind Big Lots, next to the laundry mat.) They sell simple seasonings, sauces, and minor foreign food. They might sell more now, but I thought people would want to know about the first real Asian food market in Williamsburg.
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