HB (veneratedvoodoo) wrote in wm_skiffy,

So, uh...

Are there any furries on this campus? Huh huh huh?
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If there are, they either aren't in Skiffy or they're very good at hiding it.

If this is a serious question, you'd probably have better luck finding people into that at a furry con. Anthrocon is one some of our former members have been to before, but they really only went there because they thought it was funny and weird, not because they're furries.
Mmm, I have - either in Hampton Roads or UVA or Tech or up in Northern Virginia. Was just curious if Skiffy harbored any.
Not as far as I know. Sorry.
I'm a Skiffy alum '06 and visit campus frequently. When I was in Skiffy, furries were treated completely as a joke. To be frank, there was somewhat a common joke back then that "at least we're not LARPers or furries." That said, we treated almost everything as a joke at some level - including ourselves - so if you were to walk into a Skiffy meeting and announce yourself as a furry, people would laugh and talk about you, and probably think it was weird, but would get over it. After all, we rather cherish our weirdness. Some of them might be genuinely interested, if nevertheless unlikely to be furries themselves. Another valid point is that the interests of the club have always been highly malleable by its members, so just because it's not a common interest now doesn't mean you couldn't influence it to be one.

In fact, the people who joked about furries the most, back in my days, now live up in NoVA and went to Anthrocon last year (I went with them), and we plan to go again next year! None of us are actually furries; we just went because we were curious and thought it would be cool. Some of the impetus was humor but most of it was genuine appreciation, especially of the art. It made me wish I were a furry so I could identify more with it all!

To sum up with a direct answer to your question, no, I don't know of any furries in Skiffy or anywhere else at WM, but you're more likely to catch word of any through Skiffy than any other club.

Good luck!
I'll be at AC this year. Feel free to stop by.

No one makes fun of furries more than furries themselves.