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Thursday, 5 PM!

Meet at the UC ATM (or "Sadler Center" ATM, if you must call it that) at 4:45 if you need a ride or can offer one!

Dinner is about $12, all you can eat Chinese, Japanese, some American, and the Mongolian BBQ itself -- fail the water test, and dishonor your ancestors ... succeed, and annihilate your enemies!!

Mongo is in the K-Mart shopping center, left off of Bypass Road, just past Dunkin Donuts on Richmond Road.

Come late if you cannot be there at 5 exactly, the more the merrier!

Zombie Walk meets at 7 PM in the Old Dominion lobby, so we will have plenty of time.

If this rare and awesome opportunity to die ... uh ... DINE with prestigious Skiffy alumni is not enough to draw your fancy, just remember Seanie's fortune cookie fortune:  "YOU LIKE CHINESE FOOD."
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