Joe Kessler (iscariotjones) wrote in wm_skiffy,
Joe Kessler

Enough is enough!

Coming later this year...

Flight of the Living Dead
Outbreak on a Plane

" a special effects packed Sci-Fi/Horror/Action thriller about a routine flight from LA to Paris on which a renegade scientist, on the run from the CIA, has smuggled a secret coffin containing the body of a scientist infected with a deadly engineered virus.

The 747 jumbo jet collides with two massive thunderstorms at once which drops it into the eye of an inescapable storm. The non-stop turbulence triggers the release of the infected 'flesh eating' scientist from the cargo hold.

A life and death battle ensues as the virus turns the unsuspecting passengers into 'the undead' and the terrified uninfected passengers try to survive the flight they wish they missed. Now, no government will allow the 'infected' 747 jumbo jet to land. Stranded in the air, the passengers have no place to hide from their ravenous tormentors... flying the deadly skies..."

Skiffy outing! Assuming it's ever released to theaters, that is. The only way this film could be any better would be if it was a legitimate sequel to SoaP, with Agent Neville Flynn getting caught on the flight.

(On a side note, my first comment after seeing Snakes on a Plane was that only Raptors on a Plane or Zombies on a Plane could possibly beat it. One down, one to go!)

EDIT: My brother just called me to say he saw this movie for sale on DVD in Target. I'm totally nominating it on Monday.
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